School Bullies Girl for Conservative Views – That’s When Tomi Lahren Stepped In

An institution that once prided itself on fostering diversity of opinion and free thinking, both now archaic terms, has become the premiere force of censorship.

Elizabeth Najjar, a 16-year-old Freedom High School student in Loudoun County, Virginia, has been asked by her school to take down a video she posted on Facebook in which the young lady stated that not all students are enamored of the ‘March For Our Lives’ crowd.

The Washington Examiner writes that “Najjar compared the way her support of the Second Amendment is constantly criticized to how her teacher told her class that there are more than two genders.

Najjar briefly mentioned how a transgender classmate’s views were considered more important than her own.”

My thoughts on the 2nd Amendment🇺🇸

Posted by Elizabeth Najjar on Sunday, April 1, 2018

In the video, Najjr also recalled being singled out for searches by school staff after they spied reading magazines about law enforcement and military gear on her backpack.

Public Information Officer for Loudoun County Public Schools Wayde B. Byard has replied, “This had nothing to do with the Second Amendment,” Byard told Red Alert Politics. “The video … mentioned a minor student as transgender by name without the student’s knowledge or permission.

Several students brought this to the attention of the administration. The guidance staff mentioned to Elizabeth that it might be wise to pull the video from public view and edit out the student’s name.”

Fox News host Tomi Lahren defended Najjr, tweeting:

“My friend Elizabeth posted this Facebook LIVE supporting the Second Amendment. Today her school administrators asked her to take it down because it “offended” other students. Free speech doesn’t end where feelings begin. Enough of this.”

Lahren is also quoted as stating, “I believe young people on the other side of the gun debate deserve to be heard as well. If we want to have an open exchange of ideas and encourage young people to be politically active, we must open the conversation to BOTH sides.”

It is a shame that our nation’s schools have to be encouraged to do this.


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